I just completed fifty shades trilogy. I never thought that I touched by every word of this amazing trilogy. I step in into new world where I feel I’m so alone may be like Christian Grey. I’m so thankful towards E.L JAMES she gives us fantastic fiction which I guess every reader who is too attached towards reading and love loves these books a lot like me.

somewhere today I love bright sun which is not that much hot towards earth. I feel new leaf in an old tree today. A good hope and refresh mind make me happier and on the other hand a little bit sad because now I love fantasy more than reality. Maybe many readers saw fifty shades trilogy an “a porn fantasy”  but for many, these trilogy is full of drama love and affection.

Today, I just sit on my terrace and watching that beautiful sky who are steer clear and who have different shapes of silver linings. with lots of people over coffee, i fantasy being like  Ana with my Christian.

Like Ana and Christian relationship every girl wants the same affection and attention from the guy who loved her a lot. But somewhere these trilogy makes you feel alone with the different fantasy of world and you’ll love that feeling a lot.

Thank heaven for E.L JAMES trilogy.


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