Solider’s Girlfriend


On 26th june 2017, he said he likes me. He said so many things to me that his words make me confused. And asked me why he likes me. So I asked him the same question with same attitude. He didn’t said a word I felt it’s just a liking so thats fine. This not a new thing for a girl to get new proposal on every single day. But this guy is my friend. We are friends from college. We met not so often. Infact we rarely know each other. I think he likes the feeling of being in love. But his words are so convincing that I have to say yes to his proposal.

So, on the same moment when he say he wants to be with me he don’t love me yet but he likes me alot. And I reply him immediately that yes that’s true on my side as well. I like you but I don’t have any feelings for you but your words are so convincing like I have to say yes for relationship.

All day long and spend my night in thinking why I’m not able to feel “love”. I was in a love I know how it feels so where that magic love feeling gone. Some of my friends said Catherine just give yourself sometime and be with him may be he’ll help you to find out that feeling.

We mutually decide to went on date. We eat, drink and then dance like never before. I enjoyed so much with him. He give me wings to fly. He said so simply” Catherine I want to set your way to fly out, just be happy and live your life fully”

And after exact one day he is going. He’s going because soldier have so many responsibilities to complete. I stand behind him he hugs me and said I miss you.

But still I can’t feel love but I can feel how my heart feeling something missing..

I’ll stand behind him and he’s just vanish from my road but not my destiny. I’ll wait for him and know he come back soon.

I’ll be waiting here and standing with tears feeling when he came back with the lost feeling of my love.


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