Today, is the amazing day I guess. Rain also have some attitude towards Earth may be this once upon a time this earth make sky heart break and that’s the main reason why today i saw this rain from my window.

I understand why this sky have revenge fu attitude towards Earth because this heart break have no healing solutions and as a human I know it very well if you face heart broke you can’t get enough healing.

Infact, you start behaving like detective or in a “doubt” state everytime. You doubt on being in love, to saw a rain, on your lover, on parents infact on your dog too. Because you didn’t get the exact answer why people like you or love you. Do you have any magic in your eyes where your boyfriend find some rest or he just wants that all kisses and sex for free.

I do doubt on everyone in every second. Sometimes feel when I get that answer why people like or love me. 

And when I get that answer I definitely try that “kiss in a rain” thing for sure with that person.

All night I just have thoughts about my soldier and now it’s a morning, and morning become afternoon, on late evening I felt that I miss him so much but we don’t love each other we just like each other companies. I told him not to complicate our lives and live life fully like a friend’s but he didn’t listen to me, he want to be in a relationship with me so as ofcourse I said yes. 

But I couldn’t help myself to being miss by me. I hope he miss me too there and have some thoughts about me.


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