A Letter


As a soldier’s girlfriend, it’s too difficult for a impatient person to wait for a two minute conversation on call, just to listen his voice, just wait for so many months or years to see him and to listen his giggles.

Now days, We both are depend on letters and we both waiting for it to receive them as soon as possible. Whenever I recieved one, I noticed and watch carefully , when he was in rush and didn’t get time to write it better and the ink went fade and he waited to post it but every single night he open it to read again and again and thing ” I want to write more for her” to make her relax, happy and bubbly. He may be imagined that whenever I recieved his letters I jump like a child and try to find out peace corner where I read these words with full of love and feel his pain not to wish me on my birthday, not to give me so many good night kisses, not to wake me up through kisses. I can feel his regret not to take a glimpse of me but still love me unconditionally and insanely but I know his first love his country and then I came on 2nd place. His letters make so deep in love and touch me as if he sit besides me and wrap me in his brave arms near his chest where I can see his scars who made him more handsome and dextrous. One by one I kissed them and he knows what my kisses is all about, he knows i’m deeply madly in love with his scars who made him courageous. I bent my head on his chest to rest my eyes who is tired not to see him properly and weeping, my eyes want that rest on his arms because I know I’m in a protection layer and when he saw me like that he make his arms more tighter around me and then start reading all these letters words for me. He is a bad singer though but he mesmerized me by his voice when he sang only for me in a moonlight.  He read all those flirty lines for me and in my closed eyes I smiled insanely. After some time when I’m not able to listen to him, I open my eyes and saw no one was there but his and mine feelings are. I just sat quitely and weep harder in a silence. On the same moment, I remember his perfect song lines, who he used to flirt with me. I realised he is the best flirt singer in this world because in the crying moment too I’m starting laughing and smile insanely. I feel as if he tickle me through his words. 

I used to read his letters so many times in a day. They all are my morning wishes and Night wishes too. I can feel his ” sleep-well” kisses and ” wake-up ” my girl kisses. He always being so supportive for me. Whenever I need him I know he is always there for me. Being a soldier he is not able to be with me but his constant letters make me good decision maker. He said ” I never told you to do that or do that but will tell you that Catherine I’m always with you and whatever you take as your decision I’m always With you forever”. 

May be this forever make both of us last but I know he never ever broke his promise as I know he is a soldier and he will always stick around me. His letters constantly told me that I’m the strongest person and I shouldn’t saw myself down. He used to say,” Catherine you are a warrior, fight for yourself and work on yourself , always chase your dreams and madness.” 

All these letters make me strongest person. I weep harder but never lose my self and will always get back with my swords. I’m the soldier’s girlfriend, I should be like this for sake both of us or to make him happy.

To wait for his letter make me more patience full person and the stronger too.

We both fought daily for our feelings and that’s make us a warrior and made me a soldier’s girlfriend. 

And I again kept those letters in the box..